Welcome to the Trillion Dollar industry known as the Lottery

Lottery Coin will be the world's first 100 % trustless Lottery Blockchain. Using POS and allowing regular audits we will give customers, affiliates, and token holders complete and total confidence in our drawing process.

I recently read an article (Source) stating 2 Billion dollars in prize funds go unclaimed yearly in the U.S. alone. Imagine the worldwide numbers. This translates to around $5,480,000.00 per DAY that is not in the hands it should be. That is a huge number. Making sure our users are aware of these figures will help them make a transition to Lottery Coin as their primary method of playing the Lottery.

With Lottery Coin our system will automatically credit your winnings to your account. There will be no need to go somewhere to cash out your ticket. If you win money it is credited to your account immediately after the drawing !

We are also going to be developing a wallet that is not only user friendly but affiliate friendly. If a user downloads the wallet with your affiliate I.D. any entries they make will be paid out for the Life Time of the person using that wallet account.

Aggressive affiliate marketing with a steady 10% commission of entries paid directly to those who send traffic is revolutionary. If you add in the potential of passive income that grows monthly our affiliates will be fighting to get users to download their wallet. By Q2:2018 we expect to have a Guaranteed Prize Pool of $500,000 - A portion of our ICO funds will be going toward this. Obviously we can't guarantee the regularity of jackpot sizes but we aim to have steady $1,000,000.00 in prize pools every drawing by Q4:2018

We will also be offering specialty lotteries that are customizable by the person holding it. This means you could create a drawing with the Pool only for your employees, your customers, or just for close friends. There are endless possibilies for such an Dapp.

Our other Aims are to allow scratch off tickets, bingo, and possibly keno by Q3:2018.

For every single entry the funds will be alocated as follows
60 % Directly to the Prize Pool
15 % Funding of the next Prize Pool
10 % Affiliate Payouts
10 % Regular Auditing of drawings, financial fees, and salary payments
5 % Payout for POS

To Fuel the Demand For The Coin
If there was no affiliate payment as part of any entries the funds go towards our "Buy Back Program" where we buy back tokens on the open market exchanges. For example we have a drawing that has a $100,000 prize pool but only $8,000 was paid out to affiliates - the remaining $2,000 is spent on token purchases

TOTAL ICO TOKEN ISSUANCE -- 777,777,777 Total Tokens

Token Distribution

77 % : Crowd Sale
13 % : Team Locked evenly released over Q2:2018 - Q4:2019 (Roughly 1.85 % Per Quarter)
2 % : Initial Token Payments to Team Members
1 % : Prize Pool Guarantee for Initial Drawing.
1 % : CURRENT PRE ICO LOTTERY (Lasts Until December 1st)
1 % : CURRENT PRE ICO AIRDROP (Lasts Until December 1st)
.75 % : ICO LOTTERY (Lasts for 6 Weeks total ragrdless of IPO length)
.5 % : Bounties / Translations
.5 % : AIRDROP
.25 % : ICO AIRDROP (Last for 6 Weeks total regardless of IPO length)

ICO PRICES (BASED ON $325 PER ETHER) 598,888,888 Total Tokens.

(Special Inquiries can be made prior to 12/7)

12/7 - 12/21 : 32,500 token per Ether
12/22 - 12/31 : 30,000 tokens per Ether
1/1 - 1/7 : 27,500 tokens per Ether

35 % : Development
15 % : Marketing
15 % : Operational Expenses
15 % : Legal
10 % : Cash Team Payouts
5 % : Initial Coin BuyBack
5 % : Initial Lottery Pools

For further questions please contact us at admin@lotterycoin.me